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What is terry towelling?

150 years ago, terry towelling was still completely unknown in Europe. It has its origins in the Middle East, from where the art of loop weaving reached Germany through England and France. Terry towelling is popular because it is practical and easy to maintain.

There are four basic qualities:

Terry towelling is very soft and fluffy. Its owes its soft volume to loose loops of soft yarn. Its advantage is its high absorbency.

Two-ply towelling is firm to the touch. Thanks to its twisted loops it has a massaging effect.

Velour towelling has a velvety soft surface, as its loops are cut open. It is one of the most valuable types of towelling.

Knitted towelling is relatively new. It is not woven, but knitted, and combines all the great qualities of towelling: good absorbency, light massaging effect, loop strength and softness.

How do you take care of terry towelling?

Terry towelling is a completely unproblematic, easy-care fabric. Trust our experience and observe our care and washing instructions, and you can enjoy our products for many years:

White terry towelling products retain their bright white best with a heavy-duty detergent.

To begin with, colour terry towelling products should be washed at 60 °C using a mild detergent without optical brighteners.

To avoid the build-up of fluff, always load your washing drum to the recommended level. If the drum is over- or under-filled, the textile is exposed to increased friction; this also applies to towelling bath mats.

Do not let terry towelling remain damp for long periods of time. Also avoid drying over heating elements, as the fluffy towelling can become brittle.

To prevent further pulling, loose threads should always be cut short.

If you use fabric softener, we recommend very economical use, otherwise the absorbency of the towelling may be adversely affected and there will be an increased build-up of fluff.

The softness and fluffiness of terry towelling is best guaranteed by tumble drying.


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